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  1. Bitshares users can easily use cryptocurrency for different purposes. It is possible to give a few examples of the use of cryptocurrency for different purposes. For example, it is possible to create virtual tickets for a concert via the platform. In addition, the transfer of different digital products between individuals or institutions can be achieved in this way.
  2. Bitshares gives its users freedom of use. Crypto coins generated through the Bitshares platform can be exchanged for all other values. In this way, you gain financial freedom of movement.
  3. Bitshares is a completely decentralized stock exchange. In particular, individuals who wish to manage their high-rate investments without a trace can freely use this decentralized stock exchange.
  4. Bitshares coins can be stored in the Bitshares Wallets. There are many wallet applications available for this purpose. You can also store coins after converting them to stable coins.
  5. So, how to buy Bitshares? You can go Bitshares platform itself or stock Exchange platforms.
Which is Turkey's largest Bitcoin exchange and BitShares be informed about the work that Thodex as altcoin. You can contact Thodex: 02129090312

BitShares is a mechanical evaluation decentralized exchanging stage intended for superior money related savvy contracts. Any people or foundations are able to do unreservedly moving, getting, exchanging and giving resources/smartcoins/future merchandise, and so on, just as fast setting up decentralized, ease, elite trades of cryptographic money/stocks/valuable metal, portals, resource the executives stage, and so forth. Keep reading to explore what is BitShares and how it works.

What is BitShares?

  1. BitShares has its extraordinary MPA(market pegged resource, for example, bitUSD(1bitUSD = 1USD) , which is supported by in any event 2x worth of BTS as collatetral and it is settled naturally by keen agreement to ensure its recovery capacity. It is guarantee that the estimation of MPA stays stable when it has the benefit of giving the high liquidity by being a blockchain resource simultaneously, which makes it fit into the circumstance of installment or exchanging. 
  2. The BitShares wallets is by a long shot the open blockchain which has the greatest exchange limit and the quickest affirmation time. Starting today, BitShares has been demonstrated to help 3300 exchanges for every second and 16000 tasks for every second with the possibility to deal with 100K TPS.
  3. That implies at 3300 TPS is would already be able to deal with the consolidated exchange volume of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and Visa. 
  4. The BitShares blockchain stage enables clients to change over their cryptographic forms of money to stable resources by changing over those coins into another digital currency whose worth is pegged to a genuine resource (for instance, BitUSD is tied with the estimation of USD). 
  5. While centralization is justifiable (trades have a need to attach cryptographic money costs to genuine resources like USD or gold), there is additionally the requirement for a progressively decentralized, mysterious framework, and that is the place BitShares comes in.

How to Buy BTS?

To buy BitShares, while not broadly received by shippers and clients, nothing prevents you from tolerating BTS as installment for items and administrations in case you're an online vendor or specialist organization. The main issue is discover clients who additionally claim BTS on the grounds that, at the hour of composing this guide (September 2017), relatively few clients possess BTS, with most coins being held by a couple of clients as ventures.

Bitshares is a system used both as a cryptocurrency and as a cryptocurrency platform. The biggest difference of this platform from others is that it allows people to generate crypto money at any time. Users on this platform can generate their own cryptocurrency through the system. Crypto coins that can be used as a result of this generation. The system is completely decentralized. Traces of transactions performed through the system cannot be traced. These transactions cannot be seen by a bank. No institution can confiscate the crypto coins within the system. All of the above information leads to the high reliability of the system. To learn more about what is Bitshares, you can read the rest of our article.